Bashuri & Sujan Roy

Bashuri was taken into Hope House after her father, a pastor, was beheaded whilst preaching. Since then she has fortunately been able to find happiness again in marrying Pastor Sujan.

Jechika & Prodip Sarker

Both Jechika & Prodip were raised and studied at Hope House. They now work in the Hope House girls orphanage pastoring and taking care of the children and have one precious daughter of their own.

Shulie Sarker

After being educated and raised at Hope House, Shulie completed her masters and is now working as a school teacher.

Hanna & Milton Mondal

Hanna was raised at Hope House where she was able to receive an education. She married Pastor Milton Mondal and is working as a program officer in a non-government organisation. Together they now have a 3 year old daughter.

Hira & Shymol Sarker

Hira and Shymol were both raised and educated at Hope House orphanages. As they grew up they became supervisors at the home and have now been pastoring in a church for 3 years whilst also working in a non-government organisation. They now have a 7 year old son.

Shella & Stephen Mondal

Since being raised at Hope House Shella has married Pastor Stephen. They are now a happy family of 4.

Anima & Poritosh Biswas

After having been raised in Hope House, Amina went on to marry Pastor Poriosh. They now have a daughter of their own.

Diti & Prodip Shing

Diti studied and was raised in Hope House's girls orphanage. Since then she married her husband Prodip, a manager at a non-government organisation. Together they have grown their family and now have one son and one daughter. They are a happy family.

Kushum & Ramproshad Das

Since being raised at Hope House, Kushum met her husband Ramprosad and has had one precious daughter.

Ratna & Shudangsu Sarker

Ratna and her husband Shudangsu work both work in a non-government oragnisation. Their happiness together is in great contract to Ratna's past before studying and being raised at Hope House.

Jhorna & Debbrato Sarker

Jhorna has gone from being a rescued child of Hope House to being a caretaker and pastor there alongside her husband Pastor Debbrato Sarker. They started a family and now have one daughter.