About Us

Did you know there are approximately 1.5 million children living on the street in Bangladesh?*

Some will be lost as they are sold to the unsavoury groups that target them, for organs or to go into the sex trade.
Some will be lost as they can't go any longer with no food.
Some will simply go missing, never to be seen again.

Most people who meet the children will turn a blind eye to their suffering, too busy living their lives to offer help.

Thankfully, not everyone feels this way.
Hope House was launched in the Jessore District of Bangladesh by Christopher Sarkar and his wife. Their aim is to take care of young vulnerable girls and boys in their village and Hope House now homes more than 70 children.

They provide a warm, loving environment as well as feeding, clothing and educating the children.
Their dream is to welcome more and more children to Hope House…but they can't do it alone.
They need your help.

It costs just £300 a year to feed, clothe and educate one child.
That works out to just £25 a month.
That's 82p a day.

Why not pledge to help the girls and boys living at Hope House?
For the cost of your daily coffee, you could help them on their way to a brighter future as a nurse, teacher or even a judge.

You can find out more about the children on our ‘Meet The Children’ page or you can simply donate or pledge to raise money by clicking the button below.
Thank you so much.

*Stat taken from Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies in 2015.